A photovoltaic (PV) power generation simulation service tailored to your requirements





The Solar-Mesh solar radiation database ―――
"Solar radiation data as accurate as you need it to be."
Everything you've been looking for in a PV power-generation simulator.

Below you will find information on Solar-Mesh ―― a product used to promote PV power generation through simulations, maps of solar radiation levels, and a climate database.

Since the generation of PV poweris affected by the weather, meteorological know-how has been incorporated into Solar-Mesh to give you a simulation tool for instilling trust and confidence in your customers.

Knowing the conditions associated with the levels of solar radiation in the areas where your customers live allows you to produce customized simulations.

Features of Solar-Mesh
日射量マップ Visualize the opportunities for generating PV power in multiple dimensions

2D distributions of solar radiation levels and power generation levels are represented in an easy-to-understand map format. This allows you to prioritize your sales activities and conduct them more efficiently.
発電シミュレーション Export results as comma-delimited (CSV) data

Use spreadsheet software or other data management tools to process, graph, or otherwise manage the results of your simulations for use in reports. The analyzed solar radiation levels and air temperature data can also be imported into other simulation applications.
customer_info Export/import customer management information

Customer information in an ExcelR or other compatible format can be directly imported in most cases, allowing you to avoid having to re-enter it. Similarly, customer information entered using Solar-Mesh can be directly exported and used without further modification.
modulelist Update specifications for various modules and power conditioners as needed

Products can be managed and their details updated all via the server. This makes it easier for you to gather information and compare products.
asp User-friendly ASP service

Solar-Mesh is accessed via a web server over the Internet, saving you from having to manage or install any software. Maintenance issues are dealt with promptly, affording you greater convenience.
Have simulations adapted for multi-directional installations

When roof-mounted solar cells are oriented in different directions; e.g., facing southward, eastward, and westward, the solar radiation levels and power generation levels at any given time will differ depending on the direction. Manual calculations increase in complexity in such circumstances, but Solar-Mesh allows you to calculate slanted radiation for each direction of the roof panels, making it easier to simulate power-generation scenarios.
Create financial simulations

You can easily show customers the cost-effectiveness of entering into a PV power-generating scheme, and present amortization scenarios based on power purchases. Create investment proposals to entice customers to buy in. You can choose from among different power companies and electricity plans, and easily compare electricity buying and selling scenarios.
Enjoy complete security

User information, customer management information, and other data are securely protected for your peace of mind.



Solar-Mesh now sold in South Korea

A distributor agreement was reached with South Korea's Hanson Energy on April 10, 2009. PV power generation is being given a prominent position in South Korea's electrical power infrastructure. Large-scale PV power plants ranging in scale from several hundred kilowatts to the megawatt class are being built one after the other, with Solar-Mesh being used to run simulations.